Western New York - Southern Ontario Repeater Council

Repeater - Coordination - Get the form

34 Manning Crescent, Newmarket
Ontario L3Y 6H4

P.O. Box 123 Athol Springs
NY 14010-0123

Coordinate Repeater - Get Form Steps:

  1. Save it:

      Download a the coordination form to local storage by Clicking one of the links below and choosing "Save".

    1. Frequency Coordination Form - in Microsoft Word format
    2. Frequency Coordination Form - in Adobe PDF format
  2. Complete it:

      Pick a format and complete the form.

    1. Word Format You could either open the document in Word, print it out and complete it by hand. Or, you can open it in Word and fill it in from with in Word. But, when you open it, a small tool bar with an edit icon (like: ) - should appear - remember to click it OFF, to permit you to fill it out as a form. Then you can save the completed form (under the Trustee's callsign) for later use. Or, print out the completed form and sign it for later delivery.
    2. Pdf Format The other likely option, is to open the Pdf version in Adobe Acrobat Reader to print it out and complete it by hand for later delivery.
  3. Deliver it:

      There are at least two (2) convenient ways to deliver the completed form.

    1. Email Send the copy that you've filled out in Word and saved as an attached file to either:
      , or .
    2. Postal Mail Send the completed form along with a $10.00 cheque to either postal address listed on the contact page.
    3. Note: Do NOT forget to follow up with a $10.00 cheque by postal mail when you email your completed Coordination Form to WNYSORC.

Any copy of this form that we receive which is not filled out correctly and completely, may be rejected for insufficient data. Please take the time to fill them out correctly with accurate information.

If you do not have Adobe Reader ™, please use the following link to get your free copy: Adobe Reader